You can call me Marlow.
This site is intended to function mainly as a blog, but also as a resource.
I have struggled with eating disorders for my whole life.
I now find myself overweight and in need of a change.
I am trying to navigate weight loss without losing myself in the process.
I love the aesthetics of a lean body.
I feel the most at home in my skin when I am thin and healthy.
I feel healthiest when there is balance in my life.
This place probably won’t be of much interest to anyone else, but all are welcome to stay.
If talk of eating disorders, weight loss, or mental health are bothering or triggering to you, my suggestion is that you make your exit. I don’t intend to censor myself here.
While my intention is not to glorify disordered thinking of any kind, I can’t guarantee that everything here will be completely sane.
Discretion advised.